10 Things you shouldn’t do at a restaurant

You might be attending a dinner party, a formal gathering or a business meetup at a restaurant. But there are a few things you shouldn’t do when you are sitting in a restaurant. I know there are situations in which you are totally blank, or don’t know what to do. But here are 10 things that you should avoid at a restaurant.


1: Never Use the Table as an Elbow Rest

You might be getting bored with the conversation or gathering and want to rest a bit, but resting your elbow on table is something disgusting, especially at a restaurant. Try to keep the elbows tucked in your body.

2: Don’t overreact if you spill something

A lot of people are very sensitive when they are at a restaurant. They are most likely to encounter some embarrassing moments, but to overreact on them is silly. You may accidentally spill something on yourself or someone else. Just clean the mess quickly, ask for some napkins and clean off. However, if you spill something on a guest, don’t clean yourself, instead apologize and offer him your napkin.

3: Don’t Talk with mouth full of food

Disgusting! Something to strictly avoid when you are at a restaurant. I know when hanging out with friends it’s quite difficult to hold yourself back from the jokes or chit chat, but talking with your mouth full of food would make a fool out of yourself.

4: Avoid reaching over the table for salt

It would be better to request the person sitting near the salt to pass on it to you. Leaning over the entire table would create discomfort for other, and is a bad manner.

5: Avoid blowing your nose

There is nothing more disgusting then discretely blowing off your nose at the table when everyone else is enjoying the food. Simply excuse yourself from the table, go to the washroom or any vacant room, take a tissue paper or a napkin with you, and clean off your nose.

6: Don’t turn your nose up to the food being served

Well, you might be one of the curious persons who’s hungry and waiting for the food to be served. But honestly, never turn your nose up to the food. Instead, take a deep breath, eat a bit of eat and drink water until the dessert arrives.



7: Don’t talk too loudly

This would be another embarrassing moment for you. Talking too loudly would create a discomfort in the entire restaurant, and other families or people sitting there wouldn’t compliment this act.

8: Bringing Outside drinks

So you want to show the restaurant that they don’t provide good drinks? Or they charge extra? Well, bringing outside drinks is something taken as a rude thing.

9: Avoid talking with your hands holding the cutlery

Put that silverware down before you start telling a story. Also put the cutlery down while you are chewing.

10: Don’t leave the napkin on the chair

After you had the meal and desserts, place the napkin on the top of table or beside your plate or drinking glass. Don’t leave it on the chair.

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