4 Reasons why you must start tipping your waiter

Tipping your waiter has something that has become a compulsory thing in today’s era. It started out as a reward for the waiter’s excellent services, but now, it is an obligation. The idea of tipping in the old days was related to people who wanted to show their generosity, but now people are doing this because it is expected from them.

However, tipping is something still important, and it accounts for more than $44 Billion in US food industry alone. Whatsoever facts may come out every day, here are 4 reasons why you must start tipping your waiter.


1: Waiters are paid less than minimum wage

The Federal Government has set the minimum wage to be $7.25 an hour and a maximum of 9.32. But the waiters are only paid as low as $5 and sometimes even less than that. It is something illegal to pay less than the minimum wage rate. Many states have laws that prohibit the restaurant to pay less than the minimum rate, but unfortunately, a lot of waiters are forced to work at lower wage rates.

So, you should consider tipping the waiters with random amounts or as per your budget. It can be a $5, $10 or even a $20.

2: Customers are sometimes annoying

A lot of customers at the restaurant are simply annoying. They’ll do crazy things, or even harass the waiters, but the poor workers can only control themselves or pass out a smile with grinding teeth. The waiters know the mentality of the customers, but still they try not to lose their cool over any annoying customer. A lot of waiters hate their jobs, but they have to feed their families.

The waiters try out their best to keep you comfortable and happy at the restaurant. In return, you can make them happy for real by giving a lovely tip.



3: Sexual Harassments

A study released by Restaurant Opportunities Centers United tells that 1 out of 10 workers in more than 4300 restaurants nationwide reported that they were sexually harassed. They believe that the figures are way bigger than this. A lot of waiters and waitress are subject to some poor and terrible comments, unwanted touch on private areas, groping and many times a direct sexual favor. The workers are afraid to complain to their managers because of the fear of getting fired from the only job they had. Tipping them can give them a sense of motivation that there are good people around them, and they can ignore those shitty customers who are desperate.

4: Being a waiter isn’t Easy

Being a waiter or a waitress, one has to go through tons of hardships daily. Even though the most difficult situations or embarrassing moments, a waiter has to keep smiling and keep the customer happy, even if they are at fault. Cleaning the tables, roaming around 24/7 from one table to another, the tortures, unethical comments, sexual harassment and every other mocking isn’t something easily bearable at such a low wage rate. Showing them the gratitude can make their day, and encourage them to love their work.

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