How to use chopsticks like a pro

Whether you are planning to visit China, Southern or Northern Asia or simply going to a traditional Chinese restaurant, you should master the use of chopsticks. Undoubtedly, some of the most awkward and embarrassing moments result when don’t know how to use chopsticks properly.

Using chopsticks is pretty much like using a fork, but you only have to use one hand. Today, we’ll be going through some easy practice sessions that will help you grab those two pieces of sticks like a pro, and brag out the next time you have your meal at a Chinese restaurant.

Use Chopsticks like a pro

You may come across two types of chopsticks, the wood and the metal. Both of them vary in length and have either a circular or a flat surface. Try picking up the wooden chopsticks that have a flat surface, as it gives friction, and maximum grip on the chopsticks when picking the food or bringing the sticks near your mouth.

1: The Three Finger Technique

This is perhaps the easiest way of using a chopstick. You grab the chopsticks with your first three fingers in a manner that your middle finger rests within the space between the two chopsticks while your first and third finger are on either side of the chopsticks. Your thumb and the pinky lies delicately on the top of the chopsticks giving support to your fingers.


2: The Creatives Technique

This is somewhat a kind of nostalgic way of using the chopsticks. It’s also used by the Chinese and is a very creative way. You need a napkin, an old receipt or small piece of paper and fold it into a small rectangle.

child chopstick.jpeg

Now place this small rectangle near the middle of the stick and wrap it around using rubber band until the wedge tightly secured in its place. To pick up your food, simply squeeze the chopsticks. They will make an automatic movement. There is no need of finger maneuvering in this technique. Many Chinese people use to prepare chopsticks in this way for their kids who have no experience of using them.

Important Things To Consider When Using Chopsticks

  • Never try to stick your chopsticks straight into the rice. This is considered as bad luck in the Chinese tradition because bowls of rice that have chopsticks sticking out of the center have been used in rites of their ancestral worship.
  • Never pass the food using the chopsticks. This is a bad habit, especially when you are sitting at a restaurant or in a gathering.
  • Try to use your chopsticks like a forklift by turning your hand to grab the large pieces of food. It makes it easier for you to do

Don’t play with your chopsticks while the food is to be served. Also don’t tap them together or imitate like you are practicing to use the chopsticks. You’ll probably end up making a fool of yourself.

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