9 Vietnamese desserts that will leave you wanting more

Who doesn’t loves a delicious dessert after some salty & spicy meals? Vietnamese desserts have a variety of delicious items that will force you to try them once in your life. Unlike the other desserts, the Vietnamese desserts have various tastes and a relishing flavor that sinks in your taste buds. Well, below are 9 delicious Vietnamese desserts you must try out.

Vietnamese desserts

9 Vietnamese Desserts

1: Che

Che is a sweet Vietnamese soup and is a perfect match in hot weather. It is cheap but delicious and comes in various flavors like the banana sweet soup, sweet glutinous rice dumplings, sweet pomelo soup and many others. All of them have a different color, flavor and a great texture.

2: Ban Da Lon

It is a delicious sweet cake and is originally from the North of Vietnam. It has a very pleasant aroma and texture filled with multiple colors. The cake seems a bit like a jelly filled with tapioca flour, mung beans, pandan leaves and layers of red, green and yellow color.

3: Banh Khoai Mi Nuong

Banhh Khoai Mu Nuong is a bit different from the regular Vietnamese desserts. It has a savory flavor to sweet taste. You’ll enjoy the sweet taste of coconut milk and its aroma. Other than that, spices, eggs, and Cassava are also added.

Vietnamese desserts 2

4: Banh Bot Loc

It has a crispy cover and a chewy taste. It appears much like a dumpling served with a dipping sauce. The fillings are light, comprising of Shrimps and Pork one with a banana lead and the other without any cover. The sweet and pleasant aroma of the banana is splendid.

5: Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo is another crispy and spicy dessert with a sour dipping source. Its crispy is made from the cover, while the sweet taste from the shrimps and Mung Beans, while the spicy and sour taste from its dipping sauce. In some restaurants, you have the choice of choosing only a sweet or spicy dipping.

6: Tropical Fruits

The traditional Vietnamese fruits are more loved than other desserts in a Vietnam cuisine. A lot of people prefer the tropical fruits that include pomelo, bananas, watermelon and sometimes strawberries and mangos are also served. In some Vietnamese restaurants, a sweet cream is also poured over the tropical fruits.

7: Che Bap

It is a typical pudding, much like soup and is made from sweet corns, glutinous rice and topped with a sweet and thick coconut milk.  You can eat it warm or cold or even as a snack in the evening time.

8: Che Ba Mau

It’s three colored desserts made from colored beans, jelly and covered with a thick and syrupy coconut milk. Mung bean paste, Kidney beans  and green jelly are commonly used. This dessert is quite heavy, and you’ll be filled after having one glass of it.

9: Che Surong Sa Hat LuU

Also known as the Rainbow dessert! It is a sweet and delicious dessert, and its main ingredients include mung beans, coconut milk, mock pomegranate seeds and agar jelly. One glass of it can refresh your mind and body. The pomegranate seeds are usually colored and when topped with coconut milk, gives a great texture.