How to cook Vietnamese food perfectly? 5 Pro Cooking Tips

Vietnamese food is well-known for its delicious flavors, uniqueness and a never ending range of items. However, cooking it perfectly isn’t something easy, and to be honest, you can’t prepare a delicious Vietnam dish without knowing what steps or techniques must be used. Preparing Vietnamese food isn’t like cooking the frozen meals in the microwave. It requires a whole lot of practice before you can finally master to cook the perfect, delicious and appetizing dish.

So, below are 5 tips that will help you cook Vietnamese food perfectly. These tips are from the top chefs in the world Vietnamese foods.

Cooking Tips

1: Less Is More

The very core part of learning to cook Vietnamese dishes is seasoning. If we look at some European traditions, the meal is usually seasoned during the cooking process, and there is no further requirement of adding salt. Also, when preparing Vietnamese food, the dipping sauce is one of the essential things as it contains a fair quantity of salty fish sauce.

2: Always Shake Before You Buy

We recommend you shaking the bottle of fish sauce before you buy. After shaking observe the sauce. The sauce must form bubble rising from the bottom towards the top in a continuous stream. However, if they come up too quickly, or the bubbles are large, the sauce isn’t viscous enough and lacks enough fish oils. Means, you won’t get the desired taste.

3: Keeping the Annatto Oil in Pantry

When cooking Vietnamese dishes, your main focus should be on how your food appears in the plate. Annatto oil has red seeds infused in the oil, and pouring it over the dishes gives it a beautiful golden color. You can also use it for margination purpose. Most commonly, duck, pork or bones are marinated with it. Having a sealed container of the legendary annatto oil will keep it for many months in your pantry.

4: Chicken Fat Isn’t Bad At All

The rendered chicken fat can easily be purchased in a bottle from any local market or a grocery store. You can add it to many dishes you’ll cook. However, only a small quantity of it should be added to the rice before steaming it. It adds a great flavor, odor and creaminess to your dishes and also keeps the grains separate from each other.

5: Always Cook Meat & Fish on the Bone

Why? When you cook the meat or fish on the bone, it helps to maximize the flavor and juice of the final cooked food. Moreover, it also prevents the fish or meat from drying out or turning black which is quite natural. You can use a medium sized or a large bone.


14 Vietnamese dishes you must taste before you die

The Vietnamese food has gained much popularity over the past few years and is now ranked in some of the most popular foods in the world.  You might have tried some traditional Vietnamese dishes like the bread rolls and spring rolls.

The Vietnamese people love to eat noodles that are made from rice, wheat and mung beans, but there are a lot of other delicious, juicy and appetizing dishes in the Vietnamese category. Below are some of the most popular Vietnamese dishes and surely your mouth will start watering.

14 Vietnamese Dishes You Must Taste

1: The Pho Kho Gia Lai or Dry Pho

The Pho Kho Gia Lai or Dry Pho is one of the most popular Vietnamese dishes. It is a combination of noodles, beef brisket broth, chiles, and herbs. The locals usually eat Pho Kho Gia Lai by moistening the noodles with the help of broth and meat and then quickly eat it before the fresh herbs and the fried onions become wet.


2: Bun Rieu

The Ban Rieu’s secret ingredients are the base of dried shrimp and tomato that are simmered with pork trotters with a lovely combination of clove and lemongrass. Ban Rieu is usually served with rice noodles, trotters, Thai Basil, a chew fish cake like sausage, freshly sliced tomatoes and some fresh herbs (optional). The tomato tart dipped in the warm broth gives a great taste to the fatty pork.


3: Goi Ca Trich

A little appetizer, yet another great taste relishing Vietnam dish you must give a try. A small herring is used, which is placed on a very thin rice paper along with a combination of lettuce, basil, slivers of fresh pineapple, lime juice and freshly grated coconut flesh or powder. It has a great aroma and a ‘saltish’ or sweet-acidic taste and a great texture.

4: Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo is a sizzling cake like dish and looks very similar to a pancake. This Vietnam dish is a combination of flour, water and turmeric powder filled with fatty pork, bean sprouts, and green onion. A few local Vietnams also add coconut milk which gives it a great test. It’s a perfect evening snack.

5: Cao Lau

Cao Lau is my favorite dish. It is prepared from special types of noodles that are only available in Hoi An and are slightly chewier. These noodles are also used in many other Vietnam dishes and are made using water drawn from ancient Cham wells. The noodles are mixed with salad greens, sliced porks, deep fried croutons and bean sprouts.


6: Banh Bao Vac

Also known as the “White Rose” in French. It’s one of the best and favorite dishes in the world and is delicious as well. The dish is prepared with small dumplings made from rice flour, which are then filled with minced shrimp. After that, these dumplings are steamed and served with sweet sauce and toasted garlic.

7: Banh Mi

Banh Mi is a common term used for different types of Vietname bread, but it’s more like a sandwich. It’s a special crispy-soft bread filled with sliced pork belly, liver pate, vegetables, and cheese. YUMMY!

Banh Mi

8: Goi Cuon

OH YES! Here come the spring rolls. The material may vary, but the usual fillings consist of pork, prawns or tofu along with rice vermicelli and vegetables like carrot, onion, and green pepper.

9: Banh Beo

The first time I tried Banh Beo, I was sitting in restaurants with the local Vietnams. It consists of tiny circular steamed rice cakes topped with minced shrimps and pork rind combined with a special Vietnamese dipping sauce made with fish sauce, chili, lime, garlic, and sugar. The rice cakes are dipped in the sauce and quickly eaten before the collapse.

10: Bo Kho

The Bo Kho is a typical Vietnamese beef stew that consists of tendon flecked meat simmered in a spicy tomato broth combined with a light baguette.

11: Cha Ca Thang Long

The Cha Ca Thang Long is a spicy and sizzling fish served with Dill. You’ll probably forget all other dishes after trying this one. The serving is a unique. In one plate there are delicate pieces of white fish coated with a thin layer of turmeric and cooked with onions and finally tangled in fistfuls of dill. In another plate, there is cold tearing tia herb leaves that are made from fermented shrimp paste. The hot sizzling fish is combined with the cold tearing tia herb leaves and a bun of noodles.

Cha Ca Thang.jpeg

12: Cha Gio Re

Cha Gio Re is another yet a unique spring roll; that seems more of the west fashion. Rice papers are used instead of wheat. Rice papers are then filled with minced pork and diced vegetables. After frying, they are served with a dip sauce, nuoc cham in most restaurants.

13: Pho

You might have tried a dish similar to Pho, but the Vietnam taste is still uniqueJ. It’s a soupy dish with basil, mint, onions and cilantro. Also, cooked beef, chicken or pork pieces are also added that give it a splendid taste. Though it’s very cheap but tasty at the same time. A perfect Vietnam dish for your breakfast.

14: Com Tam

Com Tam also known as the broken rice Vietnam dish is made from fractured rice grains. They are perfect to relish in the lunchtime. The rice is served with sliced carrots, green pepper and cucumber along with fried pork or chicken coated with breadcrumbs.

9 Vietnamese desserts that will leave you wanting more

Who doesn’t loves a delicious dessert after some salty & spicy meals? Vietnamese desserts have a variety of delicious items that will force you to try them once in your life. Unlike the other desserts, the Vietnamese desserts have various tastes and a relishing flavor that sinks in your taste buds. Well, below are 9 delicious Vietnamese desserts you must try out.

Vietnamese desserts

9 Vietnamese Desserts

1: Che

Che is a sweet Vietnamese soup and is a perfect match in hot weather. It is cheap but delicious and comes in various flavors like the banana sweet soup, sweet glutinous rice dumplings, sweet pomelo soup and many others. All of them have a different color, flavor and a great texture.

2: Ban Da Lon

It is a delicious sweet cake and is originally from the North of Vietnam. It has a very pleasant aroma and texture filled with multiple colors. The cake seems a bit like a jelly filled with tapioca flour, mung beans, pandan leaves and layers of red, green and yellow color.

3: Banh Khoai Mi Nuong

Banhh Khoai Mu Nuong is a bit different from the regular Vietnamese desserts. It has a savory flavor to sweet taste. You’ll enjoy the sweet taste of coconut milk and its aroma. Other than that, spices, eggs, and Cassava are also added.

Vietnamese desserts 2

4: Banh Bot Loc

It has a crispy cover and a chewy taste. It appears much like a dumpling served with a dipping sauce. The fillings are light, comprising of Shrimps and Pork one with a banana lead and the other without any cover. The sweet and pleasant aroma of the banana is splendid.

5: Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo is another crispy and spicy dessert with a sour dipping source. Its crispy is made from the cover, while the sweet taste from the shrimps and Mung Beans, while the spicy and sour taste from its dipping sauce. In some restaurants, you have the choice of choosing only a sweet or spicy dipping.

6: Tropical Fruits

The traditional Vietnamese fruits are more loved than other desserts in a Vietnam cuisine. A lot of people prefer the tropical fruits that include pomelo, bananas, watermelon and sometimes strawberries and mangos are also served. In some Vietnamese restaurants, a sweet cream is also poured over the tropical fruits.

7: Che Bap

It is a typical pudding, much like soup and is made from sweet corns, glutinous rice and topped with a sweet and thick coconut milk.  You can eat it warm or cold or even as a snack in the evening time.

8: Che Ba Mau

It’s three colored desserts made from colored beans, jelly and covered with a thick and syrupy coconut milk. Mung bean paste, Kidney beans  and green jelly are commonly used. This dessert is quite heavy, and you’ll be filled after having one glass of it.

9: Che Surong Sa Hat LuU

Also known as the Rainbow dessert! It is a sweet and delicious dessert, and its main ingredients include mung beans, coconut milk, mock pomegranate seeds and agar jelly. One glass of it can refresh your mind and body. The pomegranate seeds are usually colored and when topped with coconut milk, gives a great texture.