Why did we close down the phun restaurant?

We have been outstanding throughout our business days from the beginning till end. Our customers have always enjoyed and relished our Vietnamese dishes and desserts. The staff has always been friendlier and helpful. Our restaurant was clean, had very nice décor, nicely arranged chairs and tables and a sweet aroma in the atmosphere.


Our menu card made the customer’s mouth filled with water. The wings, spring rolls, rice, pho soup and a range of never ending items were on the display. The delicious and soupy rice dishes were one of our specialties. We have done a lot over the years, but there was something that resulted in our downfall. The customers that were decreasing gradually as time passed.

It wasn’t the lack of communication, customer service or poor taste. It seemed that the road where our restaurant was situated started to become too much busy that people would barely stop by to enter. The deals at our restaurant were extremely affordable, and all families loved it. We had a range of items for the vegetarians and the meat eaters. The extraordinary flavor and taste were unbeatable, and the quality of food was like never seen before.

The crispy duck noodle bowl, the steamed shrimp dumplings, the pho soup with pork in it, the cho chen dessert and every other item was perfect from all aspects. Our meals were fantastic and were worth the investment. Not only families but sometimes we even entertained the business meetings, and all were very happy with our service.

But all of the sudden, we faced a downfall that wasn’t expected from any of the management or the staff. The line of customers that couldn’t wait to get their orders served started to recede. Our profits dropped. We had to fire a lot of staff and management members. It wasn’t easy for us, but we were forced to do.

After every little struggle we could make to push this business somehow up from being drowned, we failed. Finally, we had to make the decision of permanently closing the restaurant as it was difficult to pay the utility bills even. We had to apologize to the entire staff, the management and the customers, at the same time we’ll also be grateful for the services and the great reviews we had from you. This time, we are doing some serious renovations and working harder to turn the bad into good and start serving you with the same delicious foods.