Revealed: The secret behind our food- Cuisinart CPC600AMZ

Ever wondered how we entertain our customers with some delicious dishes at our restaurant? Well, today we are revealing the secret behind that. Well, if you’ve been thinking about the secret thing behind those mouth-watering Vietnamese rice dishes, it’s the Cuisinart CPC600AMZ pressure cooker.
The Cuisinart CPC600AMZ is a must have kitchen utensil if you are a great fan of Vietnamese rice dish. It cooks the healthiest food, without you waiting for hours. Plus, we find it very economical as well, perfect for people with a limited budget. It helps a lot in reducing the time that is needed to stand around the food so that balance is maintained. It has a very simple display that you can program easily. The precision thermostat enables you to set the desired temperature and thus, get the exact results you are expecting.

But this isn’t all about this secret kitchen utensil. This pressure cooker helps to keep the meat moist, simmer, saute and keeps the food warm so that you have the most delicious dish prepared whenever you want it.
It also doesn’t lag behind from safety point of view. The top lid encloses securely, and its plastic handle remains cool throughout the cooking process. You can easily grab the cooker from the handle and shift it wherever you want. Also this is a non-slip plastic material. So, you are always safe when handling it.
You can nearly cook any type of meal in it. Whether it’s rice, meat, vegetables, soup or anything. You name it, and the Cuisinart CPC600AMZ cooks it.

Summary of Features;

  • Easy Push Button Controls: It has a very user-friendly interface with simple push buttons having labels on them. You won’t have to navigate through endless menus before you finally start the cooker. Push, set and play that’s all it demands.
  • Improved Packing: We’ve ordered multiple Cuisinart CPC600AMZ pressure cookers but they have improved their packaging a lot. Unlike other pressure cooker packing, it has a very tight, secure and firm packing that prevents it from any external damage during the shipping process. You’ll receive a crystal clear pressure cooker without a single scratch or damage to its body or electrical parts.
  • Dishwasher Safe Cooking Pot: It’s so much easy to wash the Cuisinart CPC600AMZ pressure cooker. You can even ask your kids to help you out with washing. You can easily grab it with the safe non-slip handle and wash it thoroughly.
  • Trivet: Well, a few customers didn’t compliment this feature a lot, but when it comes to the ease of using it, you’ll find it useful.

Cuisinart CPC600AMZ pressure cooker is a smart, sleek and handy device that aims to get the job done for you in no time. It’s also cheap, but durable at the same time and is worth your investment. The price you pay for its unbeatable quality will last for years. This is one of the perfect appliances for small and average families.

How to use chopsticks like a pro

Whether you are planning to visit China, Southern or Northern Asia or simply going to a traditional Chinese restaurant, you should master the use of chopsticks. Undoubtedly, some of the most awkward and embarrassing moments result when don’t know how to use chopsticks properly.

Using chopsticks is pretty much like using a fork, but you only have to use one hand. Today, we’ll be going through some easy practice sessions that will help you grab those two pieces of sticks like a pro, and brag out the next time you have your meal at a Chinese restaurant.

Use Chopsticks like a pro

You may come across two types of chopsticks, the wood and the metal. Both of them vary in length and have either a circular or a flat surface. Try picking up the wooden chopsticks that have a flat surface, as it gives friction, and maximum grip on the chopsticks when picking the food or bringing the sticks near your mouth.

1: The Three Finger Technique

This is perhaps the easiest way of using a chopstick. You grab the chopsticks with your first three fingers in a manner that your middle finger rests within the space between the two chopsticks while your first and third finger are on either side of the chopsticks. Your thumb and the pinky lies delicately on the top of the chopsticks giving support to your fingers.


2: The Creatives Technique

This is somewhat a kind of nostalgic way of using the chopsticks. It’s also used by the Chinese and is a very creative way. You need a napkin, an old receipt or small piece of paper and fold it into a small rectangle.

child chopstick.jpeg

Now place this small rectangle near the middle of the stick and wrap it around using rubber band until the wedge tightly secured in its place. To pick up your food, simply squeeze the chopsticks. They will make an automatic movement. There is no need of finger maneuvering in this technique. Many Chinese people use to prepare chopsticks in this way for their kids who have no experience of using them.

Important Things To Consider When Using Chopsticks

  • Never try to stick your chopsticks straight into the rice. This is considered as bad luck in the Chinese tradition because bowls of rice that have chopsticks sticking out of the center have been used in rites of their ancestral worship.
  • Never pass the food using the chopsticks. This is a bad habit, especially when you are sitting at a restaurant or in a gathering.
  • Try to use your chopsticks like a forklift by turning your hand to grab the large pieces of food. It makes it easier for you to do

Don’t play with your chopsticks while the food is to be served. Also don’t tap them together or imitate like you are practicing to use the chopsticks. You’ll probably end up making a fool of yourself.

How to cook Vietnamese food perfectly? 5 Pro Cooking Tips

Vietnamese food is well-known for its delicious flavors, uniqueness and a never ending range of items. However, cooking it perfectly isn’t something easy, and to be honest, you can’t prepare a delicious Vietnam dish without knowing what steps or techniques must be used. Preparing Vietnamese food isn’t like cooking the frozen meals in the microwave. It requires a whole lot of practice before you can finally master to cook the perfect, delicious and appetizing dish.

So, below are 5 tips that will help you cook Vietnamese food perfectly. These tips are from the top chefs in the world Vietnamese foods.

Cooking Tips

1: Less Is More

The very core part of learning to cook Vietnamese dishes is seasoning. If we look at some European traditions, the meal is usually seasoned during the cooking process, and there is no further requirement of adding salt. Also, when preparing Vietnamese food, the dipping sauce is one of the essential things as it contains a fair quantity of salty fish sauce.

2: Always Shake Before You Buy

We recommend you shaking the bottle of fish sauce before you buy. After shaking observe the sauce. The sauce must form bubble rising from the bottom towards the top in a continuous stream. However, if they come up too quickly, or the bubbles are large, the sauce isn’t viscous enough and lacks enough fish oils. Means, you won’t get the desired taste.

3: Keeping the Annatto Oil in Pantry

When cooking Vietnamese dishes, your main focus should be on how your food appears in the plate. Annatto oil has red seeds infused in the oil, and pouring it over the dishes gives it a beautiful golden color. You can also use it for margination purpose. Most commonly, duck, pork or bones are marinated with it. Having a sealed container of the legendary annatto oil will keep it for many months in your pantry.

4: Chicken Fat Isn’t Bad At All

The rendered chicken fat can easily be purchased in a bottle from any local market or a grocery store. You can add it to many dishes you’ll cook. However, only a small quantity of it should be added to the rice before steaming it. It adds a great flavor, odor and creaminess to your dishes and also keeps the grains separate from each other.

5: Always Cook Meat & Fish on the Bone

Why? When you cook the meat or fish on the bone, it helps to maximize the flavor and juice of the final cooked food. Moreover, it also prevents the fish or meat from drying out or turning black which is quite natural. You can use a medium sized or a large bone.


4 Reasons why you must start tipping your waiter

Tipping your waiter has something that has become a compulsory thing in today’s era. It started out as a reward for the waiter’s excellent services, but now, it is an obligation. The idea of tipping in the old days was related to people who wanted to show their generosity, but now people are doing this because it is expected from them.

However, tipping is something still important, and it accounts for more than $44 Billion in US food industry alone. Whatsoever facts may come out every day, here are 4 reasons why you must start tipping your waiter.


1: Waiters are paid less than minimum wage

The Federal Government has set the minimum wage to be $7.25 an hour and a maximum of 9.32. But the waiters are only paid as low as $5 and sometimes even less than that. It is something illegal to pay less than the minimum wage rate. Many states have laws that prohibit the restaurant to pay less than the minimum rate, but unfortunately, a lot of waiters are forced to work at lower wage rates.

So, you should consider tipping the waiters with random amounts or as per your budget. It can be a $5, $10 or even a $20.

2: Customers are sometimes annoying

A lot of customers at the restaurant are simply annoying. They’ll do crazy things, or even harass the waiters, but the poor workers can only control themselves or pass out a smile with grinding teeth. The waiters know the mentality of the customers, but still they try not to lose their cool over any annoying customer. A lot of waiters hate their jobs, but they have to feed their families.

The waiters try out their best to keep you comfortable and happy at the restaurant. In return, you can make them happy for real by giving a lovely tip.



3: Sexual Harassments

A study released by Restaurant Opportunities Centers United tells that 1 out of 10 workers in more than 4300 restaurants nationwide reported that they were sexually harassed. They believe that the figures are way bigger than this. A lot of waiters and waitress are subject to some poor and terrible comments, unwanted touch on private areas, groping and many times a direct sexual favor. The workers are afraid to complain to their managers because of the fear of getting fired from the only job they had. Tipping them can give them a sense of motivation that there are good people around them, and they can ignore those shitty customers who are desperate.

4: Being a waiter isn’t Easy

Being a waiter or a waitress, one has to go through tons of hardships daily. Even though the most difficult situations or embarrassing moments, a waiter has to keep smiling and keep the customer happy, even if they are at fault. Cleaning the tables, roaming around 24/7 from one table to another, the tortures, unethical comments, sexual harassment and every other mocking isn’t something easily bearable at such a low wage rate. Showing them the gratitude can make their day, and encourage them to love their work.

10 Things you shouldn’t do at a restaurant

You might be attending a dinner party, a formal gathering or a business meetup at a restaurant. But there are a few things you shouldn’t do when you are sitting in a restaurant. I know there are situations in which you are totally blank, or don’t know what to do. But here are 10 things that you should avoid at a restaurant.


1: Never Use the Table as an Elbow Rest

You might be getting bored with the conversation or gathering and want to rest a bit, but resting your elbow on table is something disgusting, especially at a restaurant. Try to keep the elbows tucked in your body.

2: Don’t overreact if you spill something

A lot of people are very sensitive when they are at a restaurant. They are most likely to encounter some embarrassing moments, but to overreact on them is silly. You may accidentally spill something on yourself or someone else. Just clean the mess quickly, ask for some napkins and clean off. However, if you spill something on a guest, don’t clean yourself, instead apologize and offer him your napkin.

3: Don’t Talk with mouth full of food

Disgusting! Something to strictly avoid when you are at a restaurant. I know when hanging out with friends it’s quite difficult to hold yourself back from the jokes or chit chat, but talking with your mouth full of food would make a fool out of yourself.

4: Avoid reaching over the table for salt

It would be better to request the person sitting near the salt to pass on it to you. Leaning over the entire table would create discomfort for other, and is a bad manner.

5: Avoid blowing your nose

There is nothing more disgusting then discretely blowing off your nose at the table when everyone else is enjoying the food. Simply excuse yourself from the table, go to the washroom or any vacant room, take a tissue paper or a napkin with you, and clean off your nose.

6: Don’t turn your nose up to the food being served

Well, you might be one of the curious persons who’s hungry and waiting for the food to be served. But honestly, never turn your nose up to the food. Instead, take a deep breath, eat a bit of eat and drink water until the dessert arrives.



7: Don’t talk too loudly

This would be another embarrassing moment for you. Talking too loudly would create a discomfort in the entire restaurant, and other families or people sitting there wouldn’t compliment this act.

8: Bringing Outside drinks

So you want to show the restaurant that they don’t provide good drinks? Or they charge extra? Well, bringing outside drinks is something taken as a rude thing.

9: Avoid talking with your hands holding the cutlery

Put that silverware down before you start telling a story. Also put the cutlery down while you are chewing.

10: Don’t leave the napkin on the chair

After you had the meal and desserts, place the napkin on the top of table or beside your plate or drinking glass. Don’t leave it on the chair.